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Social Support

Programs Offered

Home Visitation

Wellsprings offers friendly home visits to women who for a variety of reasons are isolated, home bound, or simply needing to connect and communicate with a support person on regular basis. The home visitation program is available to women in Dandenong, Casey and Cardinia.   Wellsprings accepts referrals from agencies as well as self-referrals.

For information on the program and to receive the relevant forms please call Ayesha Awan on: 97013740 or email: ayesha@wellspringsforwomen.com

Women’s Health and Safety Program

This program aims to improve women’s understanding of their own health and safety issues, the steps to take to prevent harm to themselves and their children, maintain healthy and respectful family relationships, build resilience and positive parenting skills, increase their self-reliance, self-confidence and learn about the services available to them and how to access them. As part of this program, Wellsprings is currently delivering  Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities Leading Prevention project for 2018-2019. For more information call Lora Hares, Women’s Health and Safety Coordinator on:        9701 3740 or email: lora@wellspringsforwomen.com

View Women’s Health and Safety Program Flyer

Men’s Consultation Group

Balnarring – Family Centre

Presentation Family Centre Balnarring Beach was established by the Presentation Sisters of Victoria to provide a place of respite and recreation for families and individuals in difficult circumstances due to poverty, sickness, distress, misfortune or disability.

To find out more please visit

Learning, Living, Belonging

This program tackles contemporary issues facing diverse women in Australia. It is an engaging and interactive series of workshops which rely on participants’ input and involvement. Guest speakers are invited to some sessions to present on specialised topics.  Some of the topics for 2018 include: Culture, racism, and discrimination, human rights, parenting in a multicultural country, active citizen participation, advocacy,  cross-cultural communication and support.

To find out about volunteering at Wellsprings, please visit the Volunteers page.

Wellsprings Mentor Program

Wellsprings Mentor Program aims to connect isolated women residing in the City of Casey and City of Greater Dandenong into the wider community. Provide access to information, create pathways to further education hence break the cycle of social isolation. The WMP is delivered and supported by our diversity and well trained Volunteers, who have excellent experience of the CALD communities.


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