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Resilience Building Programs

Resilience Building Programs

From home visitation and one-on-one support to self-care and financial wellbeing, we are here to help.

For current times, locations and cost of each course, please see our Enrolments page.


Making Australia Home

This course offers multiple opportunities to share, analyse and discuss relevant aspects associated with settling in Australia. Participants can learn about useful services and how to access them, Australian government, laws and institutions and share their own stories about the challenges of settling in a new country.


Financial Literacy and Wellbeing Program (SARA)

This is a program that works with women to build their confidence, knowledge and skills in managing finances, budgeting, saving, and developing strategies for economic independence. The course is interactive and responsive to women’s learning needs.


Respectful Relationships

Sessions that explore with the women the elements, attitudes and behaviours that characterise healthy family relationships, between partners, between parents and children, and between extended family members. These include where to seek help and support for families facing challenges.


Prevention of Violence Against Women

The PVAW program usually follows the sessions on gender equality and respectful relationships and raises awareness on the types and forms of gendered violence against women including how to support other women in the community who are experiencing domestic and family violence and where to seek help and support.

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