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Business Development

Wellsprings for Women assists women who face barriers to accessing mainstream employment by building their skills and confidence to become either self-employed, or join a social enterprise.  We are currently working on the following programs;

  1. Creative Enterprising Women: Which is a series of workshops run every week for two hours and where participants explore their business ideas, develop business plans, are matched with business mentors, and assisted with marketing, promotion
  2.  Cultural Cuisines: A group of cooking enthusiasts who get trained in food handling, food presentation and catering. This program is currently seeking to acquire a food truck and get the women earning a regular income
  3. Cleaning Crew: this a new venture and we are exploring opportunities for women to secure paid work in cleaning enterprises

Our Creative Enterprising Women program supports women to start their own micro-enterprise business.

To enrol and for detailed information about our programs Click on the following link:

Wellsprings Programs



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