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Beyond the Basics


Wellsprings for Women received a grant from the Scanlon Foundation to design and run a new advanced literacy program. Beyond the Basics is a project for women from migrant and refugee backgrounds who are assessed to have functional levels of literacy in English speaking and writing but need to engage in more challenging levels of language acquisition.

The program aims to advance the skills of the women beyond basic foundations and will be offered in a way that is not constrained by a rigid curriculum and requirements that are typical of an accredited course.

Description of the program

In consultation with external stakeholders , the title that will be used for the project is: The Story Skills Workshop Series. It is designed to help individual women hone their verbal and non-verbal communication skills, so they can better tell their stories in everyday life.

The workshops will cover a variety of topics and scenarios, such as how to effectively communicate to build community connections, in health settings, in schools, in job interviews and workplaces, and more.

Through interactive action- and art-based activities, lectures, and discussions, participants will learn how to use storytelling as a powerful tool to express themselves in different contexts.

The workshops will also equip participants with the skills needed to craft and deliver their stories in a way that resonates with their intended audience. Participants will leave with an understanding of how to use body language and communication techniques to ensure their stories are heard and appreciated.

Workshop Structure

Workshops will be held on in Term 2 (April 27th – June 22nd, 2023).

Thursdays 6.30pm-9.00pm

Bridgewater Family and Community Centre in Berwick: 45 Bridgewater Blvd, Berwick.

Each workshop will be 2.5 hours long.

Guest presenters will be engaged to deliver programming on Weeks 4 and 7 of each term’s program (subject to availability). Appropriate guest presenters will be identified by Hannah Wright after observation of the group to identify their goals and development opportunities.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to advance your communication skills beyond basic foundations. Join us to develop your Story Skills for Australian Living.

Sign up today! Email: Hannah

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