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Anti-Racism Resources

Anti-Racism Resources

Wellsprings for Women have produced a number of anti-racism resources for use by other agencies and sector workers.

The project, Anti-Racism Empowerment for Women: Women Won’t Be Silent! has been delivered by Wellsprings for Women and Living & Learning Pakenham with funding from the Victorian Government’s Department of Families, Fairness and Housing under the Local Anti-Racism Initiatives Grants Program 2021 for the purpose of empowering local women of migrant and refugee backgrounds to tackle racism and support social cohesion.

Following is a mix of free downloadable PDFs, videos and links to Podcasts by Wellsprings for Women. We welcome your feedback regarding use of these resources.  Please email to: administration@wellspringsforwomen.com

Terms of Use:

We invite you to utilise and distribute these recourse widely. However, you must not alter any of the material in any way, these items may not be used for profit and you must credit Wellsprings for Women.


Click Image to download PDF of Intercultural Encounters Posters:


Click Image to download PDF of the Ani-Racism posters:


Stories of Racism

Anti Racism Empowerment for Women – Women Won’t be Silent Project. These stories are from migrant women to Australia about their experiences of Racism. A partnership between Living & Learning Pakenham Inc and Wellsprings For Women aims to empower diverse women in the South-East of Melbourne to respond with confidence to racism they encounter and to help build anti-racism resilience in their communities. The project provided activities in a culturally safe environment that collected stories and converted them into new media messages for sharing across all of the diverse communities.

To listen, click this link to the PodBean Podcast platform:


Anti-Racism Videos

Celebrating Diversity- Migrant and Refugee Women Speak Out Against Racism

Bystander Intervention

Equal Opportunity for All: No Excuses

No Detention for Asylum Seekers

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