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When you empower women, the whole community benefits. 

Wellsprings for Women Patron: Jo Stanley

Donor Program

Wellsprings relies on grants, donations and bequests to continue delivering responsive, effective, culturally appropriate programs and services that meet the needs of women who face social, cultural, economic and financial barriers to living a healthy and fulfilling life. We provide education, social and emotional support to over 2000 women and children every year. Through education, support and up-skilling, women develop self-confidence and motivation and discover new pathways to employment and further learning. You can be part of the story by joining our Donor Program.

Wellsprings for Women is a registered Public Benevolent Institution and all donations are tax deductible.

How will your donation be used?

You can choose to adopt a program, or support a learner’s education fees, or make a general donation to be allocated by Wellsprings to a program of our choice.

Benefits for Donors

Your donation and support make a significant difference to making our society a better and kinder place to be in. We will, with your permission, acknowledge your generosity as a donor in our Annual Report and on our website and keep you informed of our work through our newsletters.

How to become a donor

There are three easy ways to become a donor:

1. One-off donation

2. Regular donation

3. Make a Bequest

4. Support a particular program

If you would like to make a donation, large or small, they are always put to good use! you can donate weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annually or as one-off donation. To donate now to Wellsprings for Women, please do so via our GiveNow page.

We also welcome new material items that can be used for fundraising purposes such as for raffle prizes.  Our annual fundraising dinner is relies on donation of prizes to help us retain a higher amount of proceeds.

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